Myanmar Part 1

17 June 2018

Myanmar Part

1. Yangon    16 April 2018    Nikon D750    iso 100    120mm    f4.0    1/320sec    Nikon 70-200mmf4

Myanmar Part

2. Yangon    16 April 2018    Nikon D750    iso 320    190mm    f11    1/640sec

Myanmar Part

3.  Shwezigon Pagoda Bagan    16 April 2018    Nikon D3s    iso200    17mm    f8    1/180sec    Nikon 14-24mmf2.8

Myanmar Part

4. Shwezigon Pagoda    16 April 2018    Nikon D3s    iso200    14mm    f9.5    1/180sec    Nikon 14-24mm f2.8

Myanmar Part

5. Bagan Orphanage    17 April 2018    Nikon D750    iso2200    130mm    f6.3    1/160sec    Nikon 70-200mmf4

6 replies on “Myanmar Part 1”

Great photos Chris. The top one showing the apartment buildings is amazing. I love the way b&w photos show so much detail. The water fight shot is fabulous but my favourite is the one of the 2 boys. What are they doing?

They were blowing their snacks towards each other.
I just added an original photo below to demonstrate.
Please click on the photo.

ps hope you checked out the Blog page as well !

Thanks for going through your 5700 pics to pick out a few goodies. The first one reminds me of old Hong Kong – with satellite dishes.

Thanks Morris, but HK didn’t have all the illegal power lines connected to the apartments and had more washing hanging out!

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