Gallery Visit

21 August 2023

On the 24th June, I had an assignment to photograph my wifes singing group at the Pataka gallery in Porirua. The group is called the Take Note singers.

At the same time there was an exhibition on new immigrants in the region. The exhibition was called ” Here and Beyond”.

It featured photographs from an Iranian photographer called EHSAN HAZAVEH . I was so impressed with the quality of the images and his ability to capture the natural emotions of his subjects. This is also something I try to capture with my travel photography. I checked out his website. I must say I have not been so excited about a NZ based photographer for a long time. Check it out.

Down the road at the Te Rauparaha arena they were having a New Immigrants day and that also means lots of interesting food. So Sally, I, and camera ventured down in search of filling our tummys.

We spotted this lovely family from Tigray Northern Ethiopia. After taking a couple of family photos I asked one of the ladies to pose for me.

This is her


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