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Those Blurry Shots

20.April 2019

I don’t usually go for those “ärtistic” blurry shots especialy the zooming in or out shots.

I prefer sharpness. I didn’t spend all that money on expensive lenses to get unsharp shots. And I don’t have any soft focus filters in my kit as well.

But sometimes blur can be used to express motion or time as you can see in my present photos.

Those eagle eyed photo equipment people may have noticed I’m using a new camera now and a different sensor system. The smaller sensor size (micro 4/3rds) is now my default camera system which I take with me everywhere. Previous to that it was the 1 inch sensor (Canon G5X) which I have used in previous blogs (2 May 2016).

The  Panasonic G9 is a very competent camera  considering the sensor limitations compared to a full frame camera.

 At times I consider the G9 my  mini Nikon D3 for its high speed capabilities and construction.

It also has dual stabilisers, one in the lens and one in the body. This enables me to hand hold the camera  for a time considered impossible without a tripod. I can produce a sharp shot at only a half second exposure ! Previously my handholding shots were around 1/60sec as I suffer camera shake (don’t tell my patients!). So in a busy Mong Kok street with no time to set up a tripod (I didn’t have one anyway) I managed to capture motion but keep the main subject sharp-using technology to increase artistic expression.

Those Blurry Shots

1.    Kyoto  It was in a very dark suburban street. Note aperture and shutter speed.

1 Jan 2019   G9    iso1600    15mm    f1.7    1/6sec    Leica DG 15mm f1.7

Those Blurry Shots

2. Mong Kok

6 Jan 2019    G9    iso200    12mm    f11  0.6 sec

Those Blurry Shots

3.    14 Jan 2019    G9    iso200    12mm    f22    0.6sec

Those Blurry Shots

4.    Shanghai St

16 Jan 2019    G9    iso200    19mm    f7.1    1/5sec

Those Blurry Shots

5. Cross Harbour Tunnel Hong Kong

16 Jan 2019    iso200    60mm    f22    1.3sec  

2 replies on “Those Blurry Shots”

i am impressed with your hand held shots a definite plus for the g9 system also the colour saturation of the night images

Thanks, as mentioned in my first reply to you.
ps the tunnel shot, the camera was resting on the handrail…..

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