The West Coast

9 July 2017

The West Coast

1.    18 March 2017    Punakaiki    Nikon D800    iso 200   14mm    f4    1/25sec    Nikon 14-24mmf2.8

The West Coast

Yup! this is the West Coast. I wanted to title this ‘the biggest and smallest wheels along the coast”

2.    19 March 2017   Hokitika   Nikon D800    iso200    52mm    f5.6    1/800sec    Nikon 24-70mm f2.8

The West Coast

3.    21 March 2017   South of Hannahs Clearing, Jackson Bay Road.    Nikon D750   iso 200    32mm    f4.0    1/10sec    Nikon 24-70mm f2.8

10 replies on “The West Coast”

Thanks Sue, that river walk which is close to Pancake Rocks is also very nice early in the morning when the sun is rising.

Beautiful shots, Chris. Can’t see anything in your tech details, but the first two look like you were using some kind of filter. Particularly fascinated by ‘biggest/smallest wheels’ shot. Very cinematic. How great to capture the moment with the kid on the scooter (or did you find a local and pay an exorbitant incentive?).

Thanks Jon.
No filters in any shots but I did enhance the colours in the first two shots.
I was waiting for over an hour in the rain waiting for the Sun to sink below the cloud bank. See pancake rocks (Punakaiki) in the gallery picture to get a more “accurate” image. This is the shot I waited for, then I rushed to the north side of the pathway and captured no. 1. The lighting lasted only 30 seconds!
The wheel shot was pure luck and does look like an advertisement. This is how sunsets look on the West Coast.

no.2 has got my tick ,love the juxtaposition between the wheels,the lighting is not so bad as well.

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