The Catlins

10 September 2017

The Catlins

1.    24 March 2017    Surat Bay    Nikon D800    iso 200    70mm    f5.6    1/100sec    Nikon 70-200mm f4

The Catlins

2.    24 March 2017    Surat Bay    Nikon D800    iso 200    135mm    f9.0    1/400sec    Nikon 70-200mmf4  

2 replies on “The Catlins”

love the brooding atmosphere of the top image,the near pristine beach clear of man prints etc.having included the people has added a story into the image,now i think i know why you converted the bottom image to B/W,to show the sand being blown around by the wind making contrasty patterns as it does so.

Yeah, when I processed the top image, a love or religious theme came to my head. Something like:”just me and you enjoying the solitude of life” or “Solitude in the Ocean of Life”. Now I am feeling sea sick.
Brent, you are now familiar with my creative taste. Yes I did convert to B&W to emphasize to swirling sands which apparently is characteristic of this beach.

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