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Ian McIlraith

21 April 2019

Ian had just finished his skiing trip in Japan. He said during a dental visit that he got some interesting shots from the top of the mountain. I asked him to send me his favourites. This one I really love and again I couldn’t resist the urge to fiddle with it.  I tried to achieve the effect of a traditional Japanese woodcut print.

The other 3 were from his visit to India last year.

Ian McIlraith


Ian McIlraith


Ian McIlraith


Ian McIlraith


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This is Mt Yotei (1898m), taken from above the Niseko ski area in Hokkaido. You’ve done a nice job with this, Chris, although on the day it was particularly cold and grey and the light was colder-looking.

Hampi, India, June 2018. This girl reminded me of my own daughter at that age – full of attitude! Her dad inside was completely unconcerned with the foreigner photographing his little girl.

Hampi, India, June 2018. This guy was clearly an important holy man, visiting the various temples under his jurisdiction in his own Ambassador car – an Indian copy of the Morris Oxford and still manufactured in India until 2014. Nevertheless, he graciously consented to be photographed by me.

Mumbai, India, juice seller in the Churchgate area. His lime juice, with salt and sugar and ice, was too tempting to refuse on a hot day, but my enthusiastic consumption of his and other street offerings was probably responsible for me being laid up for a couple of days with symptoms that I won’t go into…

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