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Golden Bay

The first part of my 2 week South Island Road trip was spent in Collingwood exploring parts of New Zealand I haven’t been before. The Takaka Hill is a formidable barrier keeping outsiders on the Nelson side. Its a bit like the Bombay hills keeping the “Jaffas” north of the rest of NZ. Those on the other side are mostly there for a reason . I mean there’s never the excuse “I was just passing through and I liked it here” . Its not the sort of place that Jack Reacher would happen to be passing through, getting off the bus to save a damsel in distress. The region has a reputation for being an alternative lifestyle and getting back to the land. That’s a good reason to live there. Beautiful beaches , fertile land for marijuana and hops. No vaccinations, no mercury in your fillings , warmer weather, clean air , it is like Paradise. If you want to be a hippie this is another choice instead of Raglan. But if you wanna surf, stick to Raglan. This place is for kayaks.

31.07.22   Collingwood on the horizon   Nikon D800   iso100   24mm   f8   1/1000sec   Nikon 24-70mm f2.8

31.07.22   Whanganui Inlet   iso 100   48mm   f8   1/320sec   Nikon 24-70mm f2.8
31.07.22   Whanganui Inlet   PanasonicG9     18mm   f4.0   1/125sec   Leica 8-18 f2.8-4
31.07.22   Dry road Whanganui Inlet   Nikon D800   iso 100   29mm   f11   1/125sec   24-70mmf2.8
01.08.22   Cobb Reservoir Takaka   iso100   42mm   f8   1/125sec   nikon 24-70 f2.8
29.07.22   Cable Bay Nelson   Panasonic G9   iso 200   50mm   f11   1/ 1000sec Leica 50.200 f2.8-4


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Waiuta was a thriving gold mining town in the early 1900s. It is located 21km south of Reefton and was one of the places I had been recommended to visit. As you can see there is not much left of the town. But if you are in the area it is well worth the visit.

On the way to Waiuta from Reefton is the Blackwater School