Canterbury Plains

19 May 2014

February, 2010.  Road trip with my eldest daughter Jessica.

I was driving her to Dunedin with a car full of  furniture for her flat.

I spotted this scene while driving along the Canterbury Straight towards Ashburton. Having overtaken a few slow moving vehicles the decision is “do I stop for a photo and have those overtaken cars, over take me ?”.

Male Ego or Photographic Interest is the decision.

A quick U turn and 20 minutes later a photographic history of that spot in time had been recorded!

I think it was worth the delay in the journey. (Jessica was very patient……)

Canterbury Plains

Canterbury Plains Redux

Well, peer pressure  forced me to revisit the picture. I cropped back the cloud and desaturated the cloud so there is less distracting colour. Then I increased the vibrance of the whole scene. Happy Brent and Richard? I think you were both “right”.

Canterbury Plains

As a matter of interest I thought I would show everyone the original scene I saw .

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