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Brent Higham 2

15 May 2017

Brent came and saw me as a patient last week. He was more interested in showing me  some pictures on his cell phone 

than opening his mouth.

Anyway when I saw them I said “wow” and then asked him if  he could send me the Raw files so I can enhance them more .

I did this in Lightroom , Nik software (Dfine and Viveza) and then sent back the images to Brents for his approval before publishing here.

I love astrophotography images  as it brings me back to the days of having a telescope in Blenheim and staying up late to view the night sky.

Now I’m too tired to even try to get out to a dark place and stay up late. Old age for ya.

Thanks Brent for your wonderful image of Aurora Australis.

Brent Higham

1.    22 April 2017    Pentax K1    iso3200    28mm    f2.8    20sec    Pentax 15-30mm f2.8

Brent Higham

2.    22 April    iso 3200    17mm    f2.8    20sec

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i had spent all day around lake ferry and all places in between as the weather was incredibly calm ,so i decided to do some astrophotography as lake wairarapa was so flat.i had set up near an old pier when it had darkened .the 1st.shot was toward the south as the lake sprawled in front of me ,set the camera up on the tripod and used the settings f2.8 on the 15mm lens at i.s.o.3200 for 20 seconds.after the exposure i checked the image out and i knew then what i had captured,i was blown away could not believe my luck i had captured an was a great surprise because you could not see anything with the naked eye to alert you to the aurora,i continued taking shots until it faded out 2 hours later.i have since learnt that you can predict when it may happen again so i will love to photograph the aurora again.

Wow Brent and Chris. These photos are fabulous. Its hard to believe that you couldn’t see the aurora with the naked eye. The colours are stunning.

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