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Boggy Pond

22 June 2015

On the 25 April I was off to Ngawi with my photographic friends Brent and Iris.

Brent showed me a picture on his cell phone of these dead trees in a swamp. The image is on my Guest Page. I made a very positive remark (for a change!) and asked it whereabouts- “Boggy pond”, they replied. Then I replied in my usual, cultured, tertiary educated manner, “where the F…. is that?”.

Well it was in the direction we were heading with a slight detour to Lake Ferry. The lighting wasn’t ideal at the time of arrival so we decided to return late afternoon.  Unfortunately late afternoon the lighting wasn’t ideal, so I vowed to return again and spend more time there.

In the following 5 weeks I returned 4 more times, thats how inspired I was by this place. It was also a 90 minute drive over the Rimutaka Hills so dedication was required. The second time Brent and I returned with gumboots on. We both got stuck and fell in the mud! Fortunately it wasn,t like quick sand otherwise we could end up as fossilised fotographers only to be discoved thousands of years later as strange animals with unusual glass like appendages!

But the bog continued to beckon me, so much so I decided to get some waders so I could travel deeper into the centre and go past the dead trees.

There was so much interesting photographic material gathered in this short amount of time and in this small area of space (less than a square kilometre ) that I divided my shots into 4 themes as you will see in the special projects section.

Yes Boggy, you’re an amazing place and I shall return again and again.

Boggy Pond

1.    31 May 2015    D800    iso200    100mm    f/9.0    1/250sec

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