Geraldine 2013

21 September 2014  

Last year I celebrated my birthday by spending a long weekend in Geraldine.

People then ask "why Geraldine?"  Because on a previous trip to Lake Tekapo I discovered someone was offering Lord of the Rings tours from Geraldine using a four wheel drive vehicle.  That person was Wayne Keenan ( .  Most of the journey was up the Rangitata Valley as I was more interested in photography than chasing Orcs around the place.

Wayne picked us up before Sunrise and dropped us back after Sunset. This included a lovely lunch on the river stones (see where did you have lunch?).

This is also when a breeze blew my camera onto the stones and smashed a lens!  Moral of the story- never leave your camera unattended on a tripod, even in the calmest of conditions. The repair cost over $1500 (24-70mm lens). Fortunately I had my 14-24mm and the 70-200mm to use for next day. Only the 50mm focal length wasn't covered and I had to rely on cropping the 24mm focal length. No worries with a 36mp D800! 

Apart from the damaged lens it was a great day and I can recommend Wayne if you want to see parts of NZ that most tourists don't see.

1.  11 August 2013     Nikon D800     iso 200    29mm    f11    1/160sec     Nikon 24-70mmf2.8   

2.    11 August 2013    Nikon D800    iso 200    70mm    f5.6    1/500sec    Nikon 70-200mm  f4

3.    11 August 2013    Nikon D800    iso200    200mm    f5.6    1/320sec    Nikon 70-200mm f4.0    

4.    11 August 2013    Nikon D3s    iso800    24mm    f2.8    1/500sec    Nikon 24-70mm f2.8

5.    12 August 2013    Nikon D800   iso200    72mm    f13    1/60sec    Nikon 70-200mm f4.0


Jon Ossher
Posted: 4 Nov 2014

Think I've seen the sheep shot before but it truly resonated this time around. It has the power of a parable - the good shepherd and his flock... Who or what is the shepherd?...and what a lot of sheep there are on our planet

Chris Bing replies: I think why this works, and there are probably as many sheep photos as sheep, is that there is movement in the image. My guide described them as "mountain lice" in the scenery before us.

Posted: 25 Aug 2015

The good shepherd is my partner! How cool to find this siteā€¦.the poplar trees is a stunning photos, actually they all are!!

Chris Bing replies: Thank you for your feedback. Sorry it took too long to display your comment!

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