Class of 1975-1978 Reunion

12 October to the 14 October 2018

21 October 2018

Wow, what a weekend!

Before coming to the reunion, and  I admit I have attended very few 1978 events as I graduated a year later, I was a bit reluctant but I wanted to see my (old) classmates at least one more time.  I do see those stirrers based in Welington often but rarely get to see anyone whose surname extends beyond "F" apart from the chance meeting at a conference.

I was glad my wife Sally accompanied me as well.  I did ask her whether she wanted to go as reunions can be pretty boring for the mouses, oops spouses , but knowing the calibre of the people in the 78 class and the outstanding personalities I thought it might be worth the risk. 

And I repeat,  wow what a weekend!

For a cynical grumpy old curmudgeon  like me who notices those little inconsistencies it is saying something.  For example my crown marginal gap is 10 microns and its usually 8 microns. Dammit I got the rubber dam stuck between the ceramic and the tooth-this is a problem Maurice would never have......Anyway I digress. The weekend turns about to be just about perfect. I can't find any fault that I can remember but the alcohol can affect the memory.  But I couldn't say perfect as nothing is perfect ??  Philosophy aside, Sally and I had a wonderful time and I felt everything went well. So well in fact that I wanted to photograph it.  That's the photographer in me. When something is emotive and feels good  like a great concert, dance, gathering, scenery ,  I just want to shoot it (digitally, not gun powder). This was one of those events.

The Hotel was one of the best I have stayed in in NZ - a lot superior to Bings Motel in Blenheim.

The organisation was very good -thanks Winifred (again).

The venue was great-Toitu. The food and wine superb. 

The other restaurants were excellent and dental school nice to see. I think it took me 20 years to associate "nice" with dental school, but then again my memories are fading.

Great presentations as well . Thanks Alison, Suzanne and Joe.

There seemed to be a gardening theme as well. Was I with the right reunion? There was more gardening topics than dental. Thats why I added the dental analogy previously to balance the greenery. Bruce Wilson gave an awesome talk on  what Sandra did to their land that included cutting their house in half. That's one l lady I wouldn't like to cross swords with...Their completed garden featured in House and Garden magazine. I was so engrossed I didn't get any photos of Bruce speaking. Sorry Bruce ,  I let the real professional get the shots. 

Brian Tidmarsh's garden (pictured below) was also pretty special as you can see. A sloping hillside was converted into a botanical delight. In China they would have planted rice....  Brian obviously wasn't that hungry.

Seeing Scott Gray was also a pleasure. I would say Scott Gray and Prof Bliss had the most positive impact on my learnings in dentistry. Nowadays its the IRD and compliance that have the most impact. Maybe I should retire like a lot of my colleagues.

Funny how the conversations over the weekend weren't about dentistry-been there, done that, moving on.

Gardening, retirement, succession planing and grand children were the main themes. Topics quite different to when we were young.......Sing Yësterday When I Was Young

And lastly, Sally and I wish to thank every one of you that were there for being so friendly and welcoming. I have probably spoken to some people that weekend more than in the last 45 years !  Well you did have to have a surname starting with"Z" and I was at the "Ä" end. That's  alphabetical not "A hole".

Yes, we did have a fantastic time and as far as  weekends go,  very nearly perfect.

1.  Photo taken from the Asian on the step ladder, not the professionals.



4.  Talking Heads


6. At Brian Tidmarsh's Garden

7. I love Bonsai- plants- not kamikaze (Bonzai)





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